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Welcome everybody, to what is likely to be one of the vital necessary weeks of Yofukashi but. Why is it necessary? As a result of this week locations us at a crossroads. Yofukashi can go down both one and be respectable. Or it might try each, and obtain neither. So with out additional ado, let’s dive into it.

So, why do I say that Yofukashi as at a crossroads proper now? Why is that this episode so necessary? Effectively should you’ll bear in mind again, waaaay at first, I mentioned in all probability one thing alongside the traces of: “Yofukashi should select whether or not it desires to be about relationships or vampires”. And for the previous few weeks, it’s chosen relationships fairly constantly. It’s introduced vampires into them certain, we’ve got an entire cadre of vampire waifus. However all of them existed to look at relationships in a technique or one other, some extra efficiently than others. Effectively that modifications this week. As a result of this week introduces the very first thing that might be known as an “Antagonist” to a sequence that’s in any other case probably not had one. That antagonist can be the Vampire Hunter, Anko Uguisu. Or no less than as near a vampire hunter as Yofukashi is keen to take it thus far.

I need to be clear from the get go, in a vacuum, I loved this episode. Anko has some actual ara ara power, and I completely adore this competing perspective on vampires. Till now, Yofukashi has largely framed them extra as a way of life alternative than monsters. Even once they talked about killing individuals, they have been proven to want turning them as an alternative. Prefer it was a final resort. However this week we received to see the primary inklings of the crueler aspect of the vampires. How not everybody they flip is a keen participant, how some vampires are extra victims than lovers. That is actually cool! I like how this immediately challenges Ko’s restricted experiences with what ought to be monsters. I’m actually interested in how he’ll deal with Nazuna the subsequent time they meet, and I believe Anko brings some a lot wanted battle to the present. There’s just one drawback. Timing.

This form of shift feels actually bizarre coming this late into the sequence. Yofukashi has spent 10 episodes up till now with romance and relationships as our finish objective, with no threats in sight. And all that point was spent humanizing the vampires and their interactions with people. Had this been launched earlier, or had the brand new waifus been made a tad extra threatening to maintain the tone extra even, it wouldn’t be an issue. As is nonetheless, this appears like we’re making an entire 180 from the place we have been going earlier than. I believe both course is ok, nice even. Whether or not or not it’s romance and relationships or a reliable vampiric tragedy/horror, I believe Yofukashi can pull it off. I’m simply fearful that by making an attempt to do each this late within the season, Yofukashi will confuse itself and stumble on the finale.

As for the precise content material of the episode, I already mentioned I favored it. In a vacuum, that is good shit. Anko appears to have an intense hatred of vampires, however that doesn’t bleed over into individuals as nicely. She hates them not as a result of she is a hateful individual however as a result of she has an intense ardour for human beings. Going as far as to stick with them till the tip, holding their hand and holding them human till the tip. Mix that with the Vampire’s personal tragedy of resisting the urge to drink for a whole decade, and it’s fairly good! My solely query is, if he hated it a lot, why didn’t he stand out within the solar himself? Is fasting required? What are the mechanics for vampire loss of life? If that is the angle Yofukashi desires to go, we have to perceive these items to understand Anko’s menace.

In the meantime on Ko’s aspect, I loved seeing him hanging out together with his classmates once more. I need this child to have extra human relationships, to see him slowly come out of his shell. And that’s form of what Yofukashi did this week! Even when it was at night time, Ko went again to high school. That is the closest he’s come to returning to regular life in months. And he did it with trustworthy to goodness mates! It goes to point out simply how a lot progress he’s made, and I like seeing him simply get pleasure from himself with none romantic subtext. It felt a bit bizarre subsequent to Anko’s extra severe content material, however solely as a result of I’ve come to affiliate these characters with a very completely different tone. If Yofukashi hadn’t made the remainder of the present really feel as mild because it did, I in all probability wouldn’t have had that concern.

Anyhow, the purpose of what I’m saying is that this: Yofukashi has to decide. What’s it’s focus going to be? Will or not it’s all about relationships and Ko’s rising maturity via this complicated time in his life? Or is that this going to be extra concerning the Vampires and their impacts on people? Both one will work. Hell, in concept you might mix the 2 by having Anko and her line be consultant of tragic and failed relationships somewhat than profitable and blooming ones. However should you go that route, you’re going to have to higher regulate the tone of the remainder of the sequence to permit them to fit in naturally. On the very least although I can inform you this, no matter Yofukashi chooses I might be there for it. Simply as long as it doesn’t royally fuck up its finale.

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