Top 22 Heartbroken Crying Anime Girls

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Everyone knows that the crying anime ladies from the world of anime are sensible and powerful. They will deal in troublesome conditions, and generally essentially the most troublesome ones can really feel down. Because of this now we have the highest 22 crying ladies in anime.

Whereas we choose to have them in battle and fortress poses, there are occasions when the plot doesn’t want them. Heartbreak, tragic accidents, and different occasions may make our anime lady cry. Watch us for the most effective crying girls in anime. Seize tissues.

The Greatest Anime Lady Crying Characters

1. Yona

Yona: Akatsuki no Yona

Anime: Akatsuki no Yona (Yona of the Daybreak)

Yona is a spoiled princess of the Koka Kingdom who lives a lifetime of wealth and luxurious. She hates her crimson hair. However in the future, his way of life of luxurious ends abruptly.

Yona Pressured to set out on a journey that is stuffed with sweat, tears, and blood. An important factor is tears.

2. Shirahoshi

Shirahoshi: One Piece

Anime: One Piece

This lady may be very emotional. She does it over essentially the most absurd issues. It’s lucky that Shirahoshi is a mermaid who lives within the water. In any other case, she’d probably die of dehydration.

Shirahoshi is the oldest daughter of King Poseidon lives on a fish-man’s island 10,000 km beneath sea ranges. Shirahoshi will be very crying or possibly too crybaby.

She would usually speak whereas crying or laughing and generally even snigger with tears.

3. Kagome Higurashi

Kagome Higurashi - Anime Girl Crying
Kagome Higurashi: InuYasha

Anime: InuYasha

Kagome is the unhappy crying anime lady everybody loves. She’s pleasant, candy, and adamant within the occasion of needing it. Nevertheless, generally even a semi-priestess might have to let her feelings out. It’s by no means simple to witness her crying, and so we’d love to have the ability to console her.

I’m positive you’ll agree. Kagome is extraordinarily compassionate even to Inuyasha. Her generosity shocked others a number of occasions, because the demon’s habits had precipitated them to be involved. She tries to restore a relationship with him, believing that he’s a liar.

4. Mima Kirigoe

Mima Kirigoe - Crying Anime Girl
Mima Kirigoe: Excellent Blue

Anime: Excellent Blue

There are crying anime lady characters who cry loads; then there may be Mima Kirigoe from “Excellent Blue”. The anime opening scene is when Excellent Blue will get a smiling Mima who seems to have a vivid profession as a pop icon.

Nevertheless, the darkish facet of the music trade makes her attain the sting of insane. The tears she sheds are as a result of concern, hatred, and disgrace she endures.

5. Sakura Haruno

Sakura Haruno - Anime Girl Crying
Sakura Haruno: Naruto

Anime: Naruto

In Naruto, tears aren’t an unusual factor to come back throughout. Significantly with the quite a few tragic deaths prior to now. Naruto himself is understood for crying at occasions.

However, Sakura cries rather more regularly, notably within the case of Sasuke.

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6. Setsuko – Cute Crying Anime Lady

Setsuko - Crying Anime Girl Character
Setsuko: Grave of the Fireflies

Anime: Hotaru no Haka (Grave of the Fireflies)

This one is past phrases. Setsuko and her twin sister Seita separated from their residence and their mom. They’re trying to make it by means of the agricultural panorama with painful circumstances.

The conflict has Setsuko as a younger little one. She is a prankster and runs throughout bombings, rides on a swing, and performs together with her toys. She was making cute and simple tomfoolery.

With the religion of a younger little lady, she believes that the brother she has will defend her from something. Who hasn’t cried on the finish of this movie?

7. Tsubasa Hanekawa

Tsubasa Hanekawa - Crying Anime Girl
Tsubasa Hanekawa: Bakemonogatari

Anime: Bakemonogatari (Monogatari Second Season)

Tsubasa is experiencing emotional lows and highs much like curler coasters. She has confessed her emotions to Araragi just for it to be disqualified. It’s undoubtedly among the many dramatic moments of girls weeping within the anime.

8. Yuno Gasai

Yuno Gasai - Heartbroken Crying Anime Girl
Yuno Gasai: Future Diary

Anime: Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)

Yuno is a yandere from head to toe. She is obsessive about Yukiteru to some extent and even loves stalking Yukiteru. This doesn’t imply I don’t really feel any emotions. Yuno is understood to cry at any time when the second with Yuki is overwhelming.

9. Yuri Nakamura

Yuri Nakamura - Girl Crying Anime
Yuri Nakamura: Angel Beats

Anime: Angel Beats

Yuri is in a damaging scenario with the boss on the high, accountable for her dreadful scenario. She is charming and clever and has excellent management abilities.

Yuri Nakamura is set to be the fitting factor for individuals who encompass her, together with her siblings. Generally, the trials that come up in residing or the following demise will be difficult and even irritating.

It may be lengthy sufficient to trigger the angels to cry.

10. Erza scarlet

Erza scarlet - Anime Girl Crying
Erza scarlet From Fairy Tail

Anime: Fairy Tail

Ezra Scarlet is that crimson magnificence that you simply shouldn’t play with. Ezra is fierce and highly effective. That is the explanation it’s very unusual to listen to her crying within the corners. Nevertheless, when Ezra tears, it’s like the whole world is about to finish.

Ezra is the mage of S-class from the Fairy Tail guild. She is legendary for her rearmament powers and being part of Group Natsu, essentially the most highly effective lady throughout the guild.

The title “Titania” was given to her in honor of the queen of the fairies in William Shakespeare’s play “A Midsummer Evening’s Dream.”

11. Usagi Tsukino

Usagi Tsukino - Blonde Anime Girl Crying
Usagi Tsukino: Sailor Moon

Anime: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon)

Usagi is undoubtedly one among our high blonde crying anime lady. She tends to cry about all the things, from failing grades to being hungry. Usagi places childishness apart within the anime for some time; nevertheless, a crybaby is all the time crying.

Usagi Tsukino is an extraordinary schoolgirl, who after assembly the cat who talks to Luna. She will get the prospect to remodel into her Sailor Moon, the warrior Sailor Moon.

She makes use of her energy to guard these whom she loves dearly. Her dream is to be a bride. She is part of the college’s manga artist group, however her proficiency differs between seasons.

12. Mako Mankanshoku

Mako Mankanshoku - Anime Girl Smiling And Crying
Mako Mankanshoku: Kill la Kill

Anime: Kill la Kill

After we consider pleased crying ladies in anime, there aren’t many that appear to pop up as quick as Mako. It’s onerous to not be unhappy for her, particularly when she’s concerned in lots of points.

The crying of Mako causes us to shiver and makes us want for the top of them rapidly. She likes to sleep and eat lunch at school, however she seems like a loyal scholar. Mako is considerably silly and doesn’t assume a lot in regards to the seriousness of issues.

Nevertheless, she is pleasant, nice, and enthusiastic. Mako is part of his household, with dad and mom in addition to a brother. She lives within the slum, however regardless of that, their clan is heat and pleasant. In addition they have a fantastic urge for food.

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13. Nami

Nami: One Piece

Anime: One Piece

Nami additionally has a mild facet that she doesn’t often present to different folks. She’s devoted to her fellow college students even once they make errors.

Nami is understood to crying anime lady many occasions, notably when one thing occurs to your buddies.

14. Yuki Nagato

Yuki Nagato - Depressed Crying Anime Girl
Yuki Nagato: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Anime: Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

Yuki Nagato just isn’t a human being. She was an interface between people and humanoids. Nagata is programmed with an absence of social skills and is vulnerable to look depressed. Yuki stays calm, serene.

She just isn’t emotional and avoids speaking altogether. Although she does give straight, concise solutions when requested. Nagato not often talks and prefers to make use of gestures like nodding or shaking his head regularly.

Like many individuals that suffer from Despair. Nagata tends to dislike pleasure-seeking social occasions. She is vulnerable to attempting to maintain his emotions to herself.

15. Elizabeth Liones

Elizabeth Liones - Heartbroken Crying Anime Girl
Elizabeth Liones: Nanatsu no Taizai

Anime: The Seven Lethal Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai)

Elizabeth is the lovable crying anime lady, a 3rd princess from the Britannia Kingdom. She is trying to find one of many “Seven Lethal Sins” and, for that reason, travels with Meliodas as his waitress. In actuality, she is a part of the Holy Virgin clan.

After the defeat of the Holy Knights, Hendrickson remodeled right into a half-demon. Assistance from his energy doesn’t allow her to kill anybody and heals the wounded. She is in love with Meliodas in addition to being the Reincarnation of Liz.

16. Nagisa Furukawa

Nagisa Furukawa - Anime Girl Crying
Nagisa Furukawa: Clannad

Anime: Clannad

Nagisa is the principle character within the Clannad anime collection. Since her early years, she has been recognized as being unfit. In consequence, within the final yr, she needed to miss a complete yr due to sickness and is now studying in third grade.

Compared to Okazaki, she is believed to be one yr youthful; nevertheless, she doesn’t really feel as if she is a “senpai.”

She is a modest crying anime lady in her character, and it isn’t simple to contact her present classmates, who had been acquaintances earlier than, have accomplished their research, and left the college.

17. Meiko Honma

Meiko Honma - Happy Crying Anime Girl
Meiko Honma: Anohana

Anime: Anohana The Flower We Noticed That Day

Meiko is a cute crying anime lady and so cute that she will make anybody smile. Nevertheless, her cheerful and beneficiant angle is infectious. Menma usually cries, notably when her mates are experiencing horrible experiences.

A ghost lady perished in her childhood attributable to a tragic accident, following which the Timekeepers stopped speaking. She strives to see positives in each side of his life, regardless of being conscious of his mortality.

The lady is set to “reside” naturally and cheerfully. She is lacking the folks she loves usually. She states that she isn’t positive what needs should fulfill for her to be in heaven. However she is aware of the importance nickname – Menma.

Within the closing episode of the collection. She palms every of her companions an e mail with a message about why Meiko is in love with every of them. Nevertheless, she has extra intense emotions for Jinta.

18. Rukia Kuchiki

Rukia Kuchiki - Crying Anime Girl
Rukia Kuchiki: Bleach

Anime: Bleach

One of many fundamental characters from the epic present “Bleach,” Rukia just isn’t a easy tear-jerker crying anime lady. Nevertheless, her circumstances have precipitated her to interrupt down in tears repeatedly. It’s not nice to see our daughter crying, however there are occasions when issues get uncontrolled.

A information to the soul assigned to protect Ichigo’s residence, safeguarding folks in opposition to the Hollows. Switch the souls of those that died into their Soul Society afterlife, performing the ritual of burial. Attributable to varied occasions, Rukia was compelled to modify her non secular power to Ichigo.

Now she lives the every day lifetime of a median human. She is within the gigya “momentary physique,” which guides the soul’s use when they’re in disaster.

Rukia isn’t comfy with counting on different folks and having transferred her energy to Ichigo. The latter is required to do it because the writer makes use of it to satisfy each dramatic and comedian causes.

Associated: White Hair Anime Lady

19. Violet – Anime Lady Crying

Violet Evergarden - Crying Anime Girl
Violet Evergarden

Anime: Violet Evergarden

A crying anime lady was born with no emotion. Her title is Violet Evergarden. In wartime, she’s attempting to grasp the that means behind the phrases spoken by her beloved relations. When the conflict ended, the duty she needed to do was convey another person’s ideas by means of phrases.

That is the story of a lady who had no feelings however who knew her love. As a result of she skilled as a weapon to battle, she was unable to expertise human emotions and was unable to have the ability to comprehend each pleasure and sorrow.

Violet is conscious of the that means behind the phrase in the course of the interplay with many individuals to grasp the that means. And when the hero actually knew the that means behind the phrase was so emotional that he couldn’t cease crying.

20. Juvia Lockser

Juvia Lockser - Cute Crying Anime Girl
Juvia Lockser: Fairy Tail

Anime: Fairy Tail

Juvia is a wizard lady in fairy tail anime. She is initially a Phantom Lord four-element water component. Later Juvia fell in love with Grey Fullbuster and joined the Fairy Tail guild after being defeated by Grey.

Since childhood, it’s continually rained on her. She was frightened by others away from her, which made her really feel depressing and lonely.

After a second of feeling Grey, the rain stopped. Her physique consists principally of water, which suggests she is invulnerable to bodily and magical assaults.

Juvia all the time talks about herself within the third individual. Very pretty and really dangerous. She follows Grey in every single place and makes an attempt to look after Grey by respectfully calling him Grey-Sama.

Thinks of Lucy Heartfilia as her adversary in love following Grey’s assertion, “Lucy is my pal, you’ll solely get her by means of my corpse.” However, this didn’t forestall her from taking good care of Lucy’s wants in the future. She was third within the Miss Fairy Tail competitors.

21. Tohru Honda

Tohru Honda - Cute Anime Girl Crying
Tohru Honda: Fruits Basket

Anime: Fruits Basket

Tohru’s father, a trainer at the highschool, was identified with pneumonia when she was simply three years previous. Whereas her mom, Kyoko, served as the pinnacle of the youth group. She was deeply concerned in elevating her daughter.

Tohru Honda hoped that Tooru may change into a good individual, study totally and attend college. She did obtain her dream – on the age of 16. Tooru had change into a beautiful, extraordinarily sort lady who was an excellent scholar however a bit ignorant.

Following her mom’s demise in a automotive crash, Tohru displayed traits she inherited from Kyoko. She confirmed perseverance and the flexibility to not lose religion irrespective of the difficult circumstances. However she didn’t neglect an important factor, the flexibility to attach with others.

After having met with the Soma household and seeing how troublesome the lives of these on this affluent household are, Tohru. She tried her finest to assist them no matter her issues. She has a love affair with Yuki and Kyo Soma.

22. Sophie Hatter

Sophie Hatter - Anime Girl Crying
Sophie Hatter: Howl’s Transferring Citadel

Anime: Howl’s Transferring Citadel

The oldest of two sisters within the trilogy from three ladies is a humble 18-year-old lady who wears a hat. I’m positive she is a slumbering lady who lacks magnificence. She can be satisfied that her elder sister fated to reside an unfulfilling life with each sort of journey and anxieties.

The crying anime lady is ready to spend all the time at a hat store and in the future decides to take an outing together with her youthful sister. When she runs into Howl, She saves the timid lady from annoying troopers.

Within the following days, she is rescued by Howl, cursed by the Wasteland Witch, curses her, and transforms her into an growing older previous woman. Nevertheless, step one towards her new life is stuffed with new adventures and impressions.

Sophie is a lady who has a robust will and a decided character. She conquers each problem and impediment that comes her means with grace. By no means afraid, Paula herself, a resident of her fortress to work as a cleaner, pacifies Calcifer.

Sophie assists her mates the Wasteland Witch and Markle, although she can be within the grip of the curse.


That is our whole of twenty-two crying anime ladies. Do you acknowledge these crying ladies from anime? We hope that you simply take pleasure in this, and when you discover that your favourite crying anime lady isn’t there, don’t hesitate to remark.

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