One Piece Warlords Ranking By How Well They Did Their Jobs

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One Piece Warlords Rating By How Nicely They Did Their Jobs – Hey guys!. On this publish, I’ll be discussing an inventory of One Piece Warlords Rating By How Nicely They Did Their Jobs. For years, many One Piece followers have questioned, what even is the purpose of the Shichibukai, from an in-universe standpoint?

Most of them are horrible at their jobs of searching pirates and so they actively undermine the World Authorities. So at the moment, we’re going to be rating all eleven Shichibukai members based mostly on how good they had been at their jobs. Oh nicely, let’s go the checklist.

11. Blackbeard


Blackbeard turned a Shichibukai by delivering Ace, which is sweet, however then he used his place to raid Impel Down and freed or recruited a bunch of degree 6 prisoners. Which isn’t good. He then attacked Marineford, stole Whitebeard’s Gura Gura no Mi, and used this momentum to change into an emperor of the ocean. Though to be truthful, the final half got here after he had already resigned as a Shichibukai.

10. Donquixote Doflamingo

one piece warlords

Doflamingo did sometimes hearken to the World Authorities, like when he fought on the battle of Marineford, or when he tried to kill Moria afterwards. However Doflamingo additionally did quite a lot of issues which might be dangerous to the World Authorities. He’s the proprietor of a slave public sale home. He sells weapons on the black market.

He overthrew Dressrosa and turned a bunch of its residents into toys for over a decade, earlier than simply destroying your entire kingdom bodily together with his Birdcage. Worst of all, he equipped Kaido and his military with synthetic Satan Fruits. The identical Kaido that wished to begin “the most important battle the world’s ever seen”. So yeah, Doflamingo was fairly terrible as a Warlord.

9. Crocodile


To Crocodile’s credit score, he did do his share of pirate searching. He based Baroque Works, a set of bounty hunters. He additionally tried to take out Whitebeard throughout his first years as a Shichibukai. Though that didn’t finish nicely for him. However now onto the negatives, Crocodile created a drought in Alabasta, incited a civil battle, tried to overthrow the dominion earlier than virtually blowing up the capital.

He did all this to search out Pluton, a battleship with a very highly effective cannon so he can blow some extra stuff up, and ultimately use it to overthrow the World Authorities. Crocodile principally did quite a lot of what Doflamingo did, however not practically as profitable.

8. Boa Hancock

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Hancock goes on pirate expeditions generally, however we don’t know if she’s really searching pirates. From what we’ve seen of Hancock, she has been nothing however a unfavourable asset to the World Authorities. Hancock initially refused the summon to Marineford by trying to show Vice Admiral Momonga and his total crew into stone.

She then smuggled Luffy into Impel Down, inflicting many harmful prisoners to flee. Whereas Hancock was at Marineford, she was actively sabotaging the Marine’s battle efforts. She destroyed a bunch of Pacifistas, turned lots of her Marines allies into stone, and handed Luffy the important thing to Ace’s handcuffs.

Bear in mind, she did all this through the battle that in response to Sengoku, may’ve been the tip of the Marines. After the battle, she harbored Luffy on certainly one of her islands, permitting him to coach for 2 years. And now Luffy is likely one of the largest threats to the World Authorities. Glorious work Hancock.

7. Bartholomew Kuma


Kuma volunteered his physique to Vegapunk to experiment on, which led to the creation of the Pacifistas. Even earlier than the surgical procedure to take away his character, Kuma had been principally obedient to the World Authorities. However Kuma is a Revolutionary spy.

Kuma additionally saved the Straw Hats from Kizaru, which had instant penalties when Luffy invaded Impel Down and Marineford simply a few days later. And even after his character was erased, he spent the subsequent two years defending the Sunny for the Straw Hats. Making him utterly ineffective to the World Authorities throughout that point.

6. Edward Weevil


This one is fairly easy. Weevil has taken out quite a lot of pirates related to Whitebeard, however on the identical time, he has additionally precipitated quite a lot of civilian casualties. Nevertheless, Kizaru nonetheless considers him to be a internet constructive for the World Authorities.

5. Jinbei

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From what we’ve seen of Jinbei’s days as a Shichibukai, he appeared to have principally been hanging out round Fishman Island. We don’t actually know if he was actively searching pirates, however he did flip Caribou in to the Marines, though it was after he had resigned from the Shichibukai. So we are able to assume that he no less than captures pirates which might be hostile to Fishman Island.

Previous to Marineford, he appeared to have an honest relationship with Sengoku, who had thought that Jinbei could be essentially the most cooperative out of the Shichibukai with regards to Marineford. However simply by not conspiring in opposition to the World Authorities, Jinbei is already a a lot better Shichibukai than most individuals on this checklist. Jinbei does have a few purple marks in opposition to him although.

He refuse the decision to Marineford. He defended Whitebeard in opposition to formidable pirates like Ace, and worst of all, he freed Arlong, which allowed him to terrorize Nami’s hometown, Cocoyashi Village. However total, Jinbei was a reasonably good Shichibukai.

4. Buggy


As a warlord, Buggy ran a mercenary firm known as Buggy’s Supply. We don’t actually know a lot in regards to the actions of Buggy’s Supply as a result of we’ve solely seen two pages of it. After Doflamingo’s defeat, Buggy despatched his mercenaries to cowl the locations that Doflamingo used to promote his weapons in. However that’s not essentially a nasty factor.

The mercenaries might be defending kingdoms and islands in opposition to pirate invaders. There have been quite a lot of these all through the story One Piece. However Buggy additionally informed his males to “pillage” and inspired them to conduct pirate actions, in order that’s not nice. Both approach, Buggy is decreasing the quantity of rogue pirates on the ocean by recruiting them into his crew, which is a plus for the World Authorities.

3. Dracule Mihawk

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Mihawk is likely one of the few Shichibukai that we’ve really seen combat pirates. Twice, he demolished Don Krieg and his fleet. He additionally fights swordsmen that dare to problem him. And these swordsmen typically occur to be pirates like Zoro. Mihawk contributed drastically on the battle of Marineford.

He fought Luffy. He fought Crocodile. He fought Vista. He fought Buggy. However Mihawk additionally skilled Zoro for 2 years, and now Zoro is likely one of the strongest pirates alive. Apart from this, Mihawk has an virtually excellent report as a Shichibukai.

2. Gecko Moria


Regardless of not being the strongest, Moria was really a very good warlord. He has a floating fortress devoted to searching pirates, and he places it close to Sabody Archipelago, the place quite a lot of robust pirates have a tendency to collect.. He has taken no less than 1000 shadows, so his pirate rely is fairly excessive. Moria additionally fought the toughest out of the Shichibukai throughout Marineford.

He landed the ending blow on Oars Jr. He bought beat up by Jinbei, however continued to combat till the tip of the battle. Nevertheless, not all of the shadows Moria has collected had been from pirates. When Luffy punched the shadows out of Moria, we see that a few of them returned to Marines and even civilians. In order that’s a minus level for him.

Moria additionally nonetheless has aspirations to change into pirate king, which is his motivation behind amassing shadows and a military of corpses. Though I don’t assume he was ever shut to truly appearing out in opposition to the World Authorities. Moria was just about the mannequin Shichibukai. He hunted pirates and he fought when he was requested to. Regardless of all this, he was the primary Shichibukai the World Authorities selected to do away with.

1. Trafalgar D. Water Legislation

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At primary, the Shichibukai that was the most effective at his job was Legislation. To change into a Shichibukai, Legislation captured the hearts of 100 pirates. Legislation then went to Punk Hazard to close down Ceasar’s unlawful operations. Throughout this time, he additionally rescued the youngsters that had been kidnapped and experimented on by Ceasar, and he defeated the corrupt Vice Admiral Vergo.

He then performed a significant position in overthrowing Doflamingo and liberating the folks of Dressorsa from his tyranny, in addition to shutting down the Smile manufacturing unit that was supplying Kaido with synthetic Satan Fruits. He did ally himself with the Straw Hat pirates, nevertheless it was for the sake of defeating the higher evil that had been Doflamingo and Kaido.

Legislation had been just about an ideal Shichibukai, he actively labored to take down highly effective pirates, however he was nonetheless stripped of his place by the World Authorities.

So what does this checklist inform us?

warlords one piece

It tells us that the World Authorities are horrible employers. Though there are quite a lot of Shichibukai that had been completely rubbish at their positions, it was really the best members like Legislation and Moria that had been punished. Once you penalize exhausting work, you get staff like Hancock, who does lower than the naked minimal.

The Marine complain that the Shichibukai aren’t any completely different from every other pirates, however why would they be? The World Authorities has created a poisonous work atmosphere the place the Shichibukai should not rewarded for his or her work. They don’t have any incentive to do their jobs. If something, it’s higher for them to maintain a low profile. Being a Shichibukai additionally has no chance of profession developments.

When you change into a Shichibukai, you’ve already reached the head of your pirating profession. There aren’t any promotions or any methods to climb the company ladder inside the ranks of the World Authorities. This is the reason warlords like Doflamingo and Crocodile appeared for other ways to develop their affect.

Had Doflamingo been given the potential of working his approach again to changing into a Celestial Dragon once more, he most likely wouldn’t have completed half the issues he did. So whereas a lot of the Shichibukai had been ineffective and terrible staff, it was the World Authorities that inspired this type of work tradition and habits.

That’s it from at the moment’s publish on One Piece Warlords Rating By How Nicely They Did Their Jobs. If you don’t agree with the factors within the publish and have a few of your personal opinions, share them with us within the feedback part down beneath. Hold visiting Animesoulking for extra details about Anime and Manga.


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