Lycoris Recoil Removes A Problematic Scene

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An announcement was printed on the official website for the unique anime collection from A-1 Footage Studios Lycoris Recoil, stating that there could be a revision to the illustrations of sure half-episodes.

Significantly these associated to the eleventh episode, ” Diamond Minimize diamond”. This variation will come into impact from Blu-ray releases in Japan and streaming companies.

The assertion:

“We’ve chosen to switch the putting picture from the episode “Diamond reduce diamond,” which was simply broadcast and distributed. The illustration depicts an individual carrying a rose lycoris in his mouth.

It’s meant to symbolize the setting of the piece. Nevertheless, for the reason that flower featured is poisonous, Please don’t try and imitate this scene. The illustration can also be used within the anime’s opening sequence. However, it is not going to be substituted by a model new picture resulting from respect for the creators’ intentions.

Bear in mind that the substitute for the eleventh episode for every distribution platform will replicate in accordance with the system points and different elements. We hope that you simply proceed to benefit from the Lycoris Recoil .”

Within the announcement, these precise illustrations will likely be used within the first sequence, particularly at 1:10.

Nevertheless, they won’t be altered to honor the animation group concerned in its creation.

Fujitsu acknowledged that the illustration had provoked controversy throughout social networks inside Japan. As a result of it depicted minors making an attempt to smoke or smoking smoke.

But, the corporate was in a position to “flip across the scenario and take away the illustration; nonetheless, with a distinct excuse. Nevertheless, there isn’t any reference to the controversy or determination of the committee.

What was the choice? It was revealed that the “mid-episode” illustrations had been drawn from the eleventh episode. The brand new illustration is now out there. Taking Inoue and Chisato Nishikigi are as follows:

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