Life and Accommodation in Yalova

Yalova is one of the quiet and beautiful cities of Turkey. Yalova is a livable province both with its nature and with its proximity to the surrounding provinces. This small and charming city hosts many tourists every year.

Information on Life in Yalova

Here is a list of the highlights of living in Yalova:

  • Yalova is close to Istanbul and is connected to each other by water and land transportation lines.
  • Yalova is one of the provinces with the highest growth in investment and attracts large real estate companies in Turkey.
  • Getting around Yalova is easy as it is not as crowded as Istanbul and Bursa.
  • Yalova has a long coastline, fertile land and numerous tourist attractions, making it a destination for investment and living.

Features of Life and Accommodation in Yalova

Education and health services are probably the main subjects for those who want to live in Yalova.

  • Education Sector:

    Yalova University is the second largest university in Turkey after Marmara University. Yalova has many government, Arabic and international schools, making it one of the best education options in Turkey.

In addition to the excellence of Yalova’s university, education costs are low.

  • Health sector:

    Yalova is a prominent center for medical tourism with its underground mineral water known in Turkey (Ihlas Tatil Koyu). It is a destination for healing from skin diseases, joints, muscles and intestines.

Yalova has a wide variety of leading health centers such as Atakent Hospital and State Hospital.

Disadvantages of Living and Accommodation in Yalova

Although Yalova has many advantages and attractions for living, it also has some disadvantages like other cities. The disadvantages of living in Yalova can be listed as small space, lack of various job opportunities and high quality businesses compared to other regions.

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