Fuufu Ijou Koibito Architect – First Impressions!

desired to forestall writing down my perspectives in this anime and with three episodes it looks like a secure time. This is one of these anime that takes a touch time to definitely get the hold of. Now that I see in which this anime goes I sense snug sufficient to touch upon it. Fuufu Ijou Koibito Miman is an anime which can effortlessly be misunderstood. But in case you placed your thoughts to it, it can be pretty good. So welcome again to some other of my first impressions articles, these  days we communicate approximately Fuufu Ijou Koibito
Miman. Before I even get into my perspectives in this, I need to begin with the aid of using announcing that this anime isn’t always for everyone. A lot of humans do not like this sort of anime and to be honest I get in which they may be coming from. But if you may deal with stuff like Domestic na Kannojo or Kuzu no Honkai, you will be pleasant with that, too. So let’s get commenced proper away.

What do I think of the anime so far?

Ok, first of all, Fuufu Ijou Koibito Miman has a very “outside” type of story. Seriously, what kind of school brings boys and girls together for “practice for married life”? No, I’m not kidding, that’s exactly what happens in this anime. And as you might expect, the two MCs aren’t paired with the people they like, instead the people they like are a pair. So yes, they “work together” to maintain their fake relationship so they can get a good score and switch partners. From there things get complicated. Hence the title of the anime.

So after the initial shock of the plot/setting, Fuufu Ijou boils down to characters. And it has some really good characters, so let’s start with that. First off is our MC, Yakuin Jirou. He’s a bit of a sycophant at times, but at least he’s honest, straight forward and showing signs of growth unlike a certain other rom-com MC. Next is Watanabe, our 2nd MC and who I started the anime for. She’s exactly what she looks like, typical Gyaru on the surface, softie at heart.

Jiro confesses his feelings to Watanabe and they sleep together || Fuufu Ijou Koibito Miman Episode 2 - YouTube

In the future, however, I would like to do more character development for Shiori and Tenjin. Tenjin in particular, he is portrayed as a “main rival” but basically has nothing to his character other than being an ikemen. Seriously, even Yakuin’s best friend Kamo has more character than him. However, the main couple is definitely the focus of this anime and they are quite well written.

All in all, Fuufu Ijou Koibito Miman is quite an interesting anime. It’s not for everyone, but those who can handle such things will surely find joy in it. For now I will rate it as fair 6.5 or 7 out of 10. Of course, this rating will change based on how the anime progresses from here.

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That’s it so far. Of course, being a Keqing simp since 1.3, I really appreciate Watanabe and all her hot scenes. So I like her a lot. Let me know what you think in the comments though. I’m sure this anime will evoke all sorts of takes. With that in mind, I bid you farewell. I’m a little behind schedule. Bye!!


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