Final World Gang

It’s going to be mens, in particular for Do Wan, who’s struggling with with morale and ethics in Reality Quest Chapter 59. In the preceding bankruptcy, Do Wan found out that the chief become disabled and commenced making a multitude in his head. So now he wishes to address the scenario in a higher way. As for Sehee, we recognise that he’s the most powerful character Choi has ever fought with, and now he’ll once more display him his worth. But it looks like Do Wan wishes his help. Keep analyzing to recognise more.

The upcoming bankruptcy will cognizance at the battle. Sehee will keep to combat in opposition to Choi, even as Do Wan will address the chief of the World Gang. However, Kang will appear amazed to peer the face of Sehee. But Do Wan’s possibilities of triumphing in opposition to the chief appear pretty slim. Can he defeat the chief?

Reality Quest Chapter 59: What Will Happen Next?

The upcoming bankruptcy can be packed with bloodshed as Choi isn’t prepared to offer up. But he’s nevertheless below Sehee’s control. So first, he wishes to ward off the kid’s assault. But it won’t be smooth as Sehee isn’t withinside the proper temper to depart Choi and others. Sehee won’t deliver up, that allows you to be a downside for Choi, and he’ll hit his face hard, leaving him protected with blood.

Do Wan will acquire his power to combat with the crowd’s chief elsewhere. Although the crowd chief is disabled and Do Wan pities him, he wishes to prevent this brutal gang war. So in preference to feeling responsible approximately hitting a disabled character, Do Wan will use all his power to blow him hard. It will frustrate the crowd’s chief, main him to motive mistakes, that allows you to gain Do Wan.

A Quick Recap!

The 58th bankruptcy of Reality Quest unfolded with huge bloodshed among the gangs. It become a flashback to while Kang Sehun met Sehee. The member of Boramae-dong fought with folks that prompted the accident. Enraged, Kang yelled that he might kill all of them earlier than pointing to Sehee. Kang requested Sehee if he become additionally a member of Boramae-dong then why he become status there. He need to have fought with their enemies. But Sehee’s respond stunned him.

Sehee didn’t need to combat, and he simply were given concerned withinside the massive gang to keep away from combating, which amazed Kang. Sehee found out that he wore such clothes and goggles to keep away from combating. Back to the present, Sehee challenged Choi Hyung to combat with him. Choi knew he ought to beat and defeat him, however Sehee’s brief movement and the livid assault left Choi protected in blood. Meanwhile, Do Wan feels responsible approximately combating the crowd’s chief. However, after the chief’s brutal assault, Do Wan determined to complete this bankruptcy.

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