All Hokage Ranked From Weakest To Strongest

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All Hokage Ranked (From Weakest To Strongest)

This text shall be masking the Hokage’s rating in power, ability, skills, and total, the place would they scale compared to different Hokage’s. The rating shall be from weakest to strongest.

This listing won’t rank Danzo as a result of he by no means grew to become the Hokage on paper. He died earlier than his Hokage ceremony and his declaration.

The content material of this text is properly researched and never biased so learn it with an open thoughts.

  1. Tsunade Senju


Sadly, Tsunade ranks the bottom on this listing due to apparent causes.

She doesn’t have any explicit capacity that places her above the remaining.


She is extra of a frontrunner who can excel in management and working a village exceptionally in difficult instances. She proved that in Naruto half 1 when she took over as Hokage and helped the village throughout a disaster.

Her skills are Hundred Healings the Byakugou Seal, Monster Energy, and Summoning Jutsu.

She can be identified to have extraordinary stamina due to her being from the Senju clan, however her fight capacity and battle expertise are restricted.

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  1. Hiruzen Sarutobi


That is particularly in regards to the Previous Hiruzen that we noticed in Naruto half 1. He hasn’t significantly proven any feat rivaling these of the remainder of the Hokage. Placing him anyplace above this wouldn’t be appropriate.

Prime Hiruzen is principally unscalable as a result of we haven’t seen something from him other than an announcement partially 1 that he’s referred to as “The Professor” and the strongest of his time. Prime Hiruzen has by no means made an look and is principally fearless.

However the model of Hiruzen that we noticed was preventing was his outdated model. Even at his age, he was in a position to combat Orochimaru and in addition seal weakened Edo Hashirama and Edo Tobirama. He has mastered all chakra natures, is aware of summoning jutsu and varied forms of Ninjutsu.

  1. Kakashi Hatake


The sixth Hokage model Kakashi is stronger than his Battle arc model. After shedding his Sharingan, Kakashi obtained extraordinarily robust, the reason is that he doesn’t must waste his chakra on sustaining the Sharingan, utilization of Kamui by way of the Mangekyou Sharingan, and the fixed pressure of getting an energetic Sharingan with out being an Uchiha.

One other plus level of not having the Sharingan is that Kakashi is thought to have copied a Thousand Jutsu.

Even with out the Sharingan Kakashi can nonetheless use the copied jutsus as a result of it’s acknowledged that after you take a look at the hand indicators with Sharingan it will get registered in your thoughts and also you received’t overlook it.

The conflict arc Kakashi was extraordinarily robust as he was preventing and casually blitzing the Jinchurikis. Hokage Kakashi with elevated stamina with out shedding any of his skills earns him this spot.

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  1. Tobirama Senju



Tobirama is without doubt one of the smartest and quickest shinobi in ninja historical past.

He has created the entire Forbidden Jutsu like Reanimation Jutsu, Shadow Clone Jutsu, and so on. He has additionally created the well-known teleportation Jutsu, The Flying Raijin. Other than that, he is called the most effective water type customers in ninja historical past.


He has additionally well-known for creating water-style ninjutsu with out water being current and solely by way of his personal chakra. Being from the Senju clan, Tobirama has entry to large chakra reserves.

One in every of his greatest feats is pace blitzing Izuna Uchiha (Madara’s Brother) who was identified to be on the similar degree as MS Madara. General, Tobirama is a really harmful opponent to face.

  1. Minato Namikaze

Minato is called the quickest shinobi of his technology. He’s additionally the neatest ninja as a result of he has a document of getting the very best scores in Konoha Academy historical past. As a child, he ranked to Jonin degree as he took care of a number of cloud ninja who have been kidnapping Kushina.

He is called a perfectionist at Ninjutsu and chakra management. He created the Rasengan and perfected the Flying Raijin which grew to become a lethal combo in his arsenal.

Throughout the Third Nice Ninja Battle, Hidden Stone Village issued a flee-on-sight order on him. His Flying Raijin is so quick that it’s stated that you’ll die for those who simply blink in entrance of him. On high of this Minato is a scholar of Jiraiya who took him to MT. Myoboku to show him Sage Mode.

Giving Minato Sage Mode will amplify his response pace, give him sensory skills and improve his sturdiness. Thus, Minato is taken into account one of many strongest Kage in Ninja Historical past.

  1. Hashirama Senju


He has been known as the Supreme of all Shinobi innumerable instances. He clearly has stored up with that title with varied feats and expertise.

As a child, he ranked to Jonin degree resulting from his uncommon Kekkai Genkai: Wooden Fashion. He additionally grew to become the chief of his clan at a really younger age main the battle towards the Uchiha’s. He can heal with out weaving any indicators, may activate Sage Mode immediately, and has an enormous chakra pool.


General, Hashirama is essentially the most proficient shinobi of all time who was naturally gifted with irregular skills. He’s additionally a reincarnate of Ashura Otsutsuki which explains his unnatural powers.

His assaults like Wooden Fashion: Deep Forest Emergence and Sage Artwork Wooden Launch: True A number of Thousand Arms are probably the most highly effective jutsus within the collection.

His combat towards Madara Uchiha on the Ultimate Valley was the most effective shows the place his thousand arms have been robust sufficient to interrupt and suppress a Kurama coated with Susanoo.

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  1. Naruto Uzumaki


That is fairly self-explanatory; Naruto is undoubtedly the strongest shinobi of all time with none shut rival.

There may be not a single character that comes near the great power and functionality that Naruto carries. Even earlier than the tip of Shippuden, when he had half of the 9-Tails, he was nonetheless far stronger than a lot of the characters. He was additionally the biggest chakra provider at the moment.


After the conflict ended Naruto obtained full Kurama and has been coaching ever since for greater than 10 years. Hokage/Grownup Naruto is much stronger than his teenage self which places him leagues above the remainder of the characters.

We don’t really feel the necessity to elaborate as a result of his teenage SOSP Naruto scales above Sage Hashirama.

Hokage Naruto within the base is an all-powerful entity and is able to preventing Otsutsuki’s like Momoshiki and Kinshiki in Base. He doesn’t even want to enter Kurama Chakra Mode or use SOSP, to not point out his Baryon mode being above all ranges in energy scaling.


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